Lawrence A. Ianni Hall

Lawrence A. Ianni Hall opened in fall 2011 and is the first residence hall on the UMD campus to earn LEED certification, LEED Silver. Ianni Hall is named after Lawrence A. Ianni, who served as chancellor of UMD from 1987 to 1995. The building is the first residence hall at UMD to achieve LEED certification.

  • Ianni Hall’s water usage was reduced 38 percent through Irrigation reduction, low-flow fixtures, and motion activated faucets. In addition to reducing water use, stormwater runoff is treated on-site. Two sand filters (one of which doubles as a volleyball court) help to slow down, cool off, and filter out pollutants in stormwater runoff.
  • Energy use for Ianni Hall was reduced 22 percent from base levels, through use of natural ventilation, minimal air-conditioned spaces, and plenty of insulation.
  • Materials used in construction and furniture were selected for low VOC and other indoor air pollutant contents
  • Ianni Hall is illuminated using high efficiency T5 fluorescent light fixtures. Occupancy sensors in both common areas and residences turn off the lights automatically if rooms are not in use.
  • A machine-room-less elevator has several advantages over traditional elevator. Machine-room-less elevators eliminate the need for traditional elevator fluids, and consume less space and energy than traditional elevators