Grow Food

Local, Sustainable, Equitable

"Growing Food" is not just about the act of putting seeds in the ground and harvesting an edible product. It's about growing the demand for food that is one or all of the following: local, sustainable, equitable. We can all play a role in helping to improve our food systems by learning more about how our food choices affect the people that are growing and harvesting the food we eat, and how what we put into our bodies matters, and how the way food is grown impacts the environment and the communities in which it is grown. 

UMD Land Lab

The UMD Land Lab is a food justice and environmental research and outreach center located just five miles from the UMD campus. It consists of 10 acres of actively-managed transitional organic farmland and a five-acre apple orchard. The Land Lab is working to explore research that assists growers/farmers in our community, educate students around food and agriculture, and to serve as an incubator for community and university interactions.

UMD Dining Services

UMD Dining Services is proud to partner with the UMD Land Lab and other local farms and businesses to provide fresh, local food options to the campus community. They are also striving for "zero waste to landfill" in their operations. For more details on their sustainability practices and policies, click here

Champ's Cupboard

Champ’s Cupboard is a free food shelf offered to all UMD students. Students can pick from a variety of non-perishable items including rice, pasta, soups, sauces, and vegetables. Students can also choose from toiletries such as shampoos, soaps, and diapers. Champ's Cupboard is stocked with items donated by faculty, staff, students, and alumni. To access Champ's Cupboard, visit the front desk of the Office of Student Life, located in 245 Kirby Plaza. For more details on how to access the cupboard, click here.