Campus & Climate Action Plan

Joint Campus and Climate Action Plan (CCAP)

UMD will be embarking on a joint Campus and Climate Action Plan (CCAP) that will shape how the University adapts and changes over the next three decade. Very few higher ed institutions have combined these undertakings -- so help us lead the way to a comprehensive, strategic, and dynamic plan for the future.

What is a Campus Plan? A strategic plan that outlines the long-term direction of a higher education institution's physical and built environment. It ensures the highest and best use of land to meet a college or university's academic, research, and outreach missions.

What is a Climate Action Plan? A strategic plan to identify critical actions to mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions, make the University more resilient, and address climate change through the delivery of our mission. 

Quick Facts about the CCAP:

  • UMD is one of the first higher education institutions to create a seamless and integrated CCAP.
  • The CCAP will cover a wide variety of topics, such as landscapes and vegetation, space and facilities, mobility and transportation, energy supply and demand, and more! 
  • The initiative advances the priorities of MPACT2025