Green Revolving Fund

The UMD Green Revolving Fund was established in 2011 to invest in sustainable projects at UMD. Projects are intended to contribute to efforts to save energy and become a more sustainable campus, along with providing long-term financial savings to the University of Minnesota. Savings and rebates are paid back into the fund, building equity, and helping to fund future projects.

What are the goals of the Fund?

The Green Revolving Fund’s primary goals are to reduce the campus carbon footprint, save money on operating costs, educate the campus community about sustainability issues, and increase interdisciplinary connections throughout campus. 

Who can apply?

Any UMD student, staff or faculty member may apply for Green Revolving Funds. Student applications require a faculty or departmental advisor, to help in managing fund appropriations.

How are proposals evaluated?

Awards are based on how the projects meet the Green Fund criteria and the current needs of the University. Applications are reviewed by both the UMD Sustainability Committee and UMD Facilities Management. An application should address one or more of the criteria below:

  • Fits within the mission and goals of the University of Minnesota and the UMD Strategic Plan
  • Projects payback their costs within 10 years
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces energy use
  • Reduces water use
  • Reduces pollutants
  • Improves operations
  • Provides a positive impact on the campus/local community
  • Supports student learning
  • Supports student engagement/awareness of sustainability-related issues

Ready to apply?

Click here to access the application

Funded Projects

Previously funded projects include solar arrays, LED lighting upgrades, fan upgrades, a refrigerator exchange program, and more. A detailed list of projects can be found here. *Note: the refrigerator exchange program has been retired.