Cina Hall


Cina Hall’s remodel began in July of 2015 and finished in July of 2016. The year-long revamp cost about 4.6 million dollars and was the first update to Cina since 1958. 

HVAC System

One of the most noticeable upgrades in Cina is the implementation of a new and efficient HVAC system. Heating and cooling elements combine recycled air with new, outside air to help save energy while heating and cooling air. The hall features a new and sure to be much appreciated air conditioning system. The heating system utilizes hot water in lieu of steam. The water stays hot longer than steam, making the area even more efficient.


Many of the individual rooms in Cina Hall have been equipped with individual thermostats and other technologies used to keep energy usage low. Implemented in the windows of Cina is a system original to UMD. When the windows are open, a signal is sent to the HVAC system, suppressing it in the area, allowing occupants to enjoy beautiful Duluth days without sacrificing energy efficiency.


The offices that line the sides of the hallway feature slanted ceilings designed to maximize the effect of natural light in the space. Smaller windows on internal walls allow light to spill through into areas outside of the offices.

All new LED lights provide twice the light with half of the size and only a small portion of the energy of regular lighting. The LED lights automatically dim in the daytime, when the spaces are lit with natural light, further reducing energy consumption.


There is an increased demand for casual seating, hang-out, and student workspace.  The Cina Hall remodel choices allowed for a new (and very popular already!) casual seating area for students in the College of Liberal Arts.